2014 Heldenberg Grant

Adult Amateurs and Young Riders – Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Study at the Spanish Riding School!

The Dressage Foundation’s Heldenberg Training Center Fund, established in 2013 in memory of E.L. Dreitzler, offers grants for non-professionals (amateurs or young riders) to attend educational programs at the Spanish Riding School’s Heldenberg Training Center.
Non-professional riders who adhere to and can demonstrate classical dressage principles, no matter the level, are encouraged to apply.

Grant applications are due to The Dressage Foundation’s office by July 1st of each year and recipients will have up to two years to use the funds. Application forms and instructors are available at www.dressagefoundation.org.

If you have questions, please call The Dressage Foundation office at  (402) 434-8585. [email protected] \ www.dressagefoundation.org

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