Awesome Volunteers!

Congratulations to our chapter for a successful show this past weekend.   As you all know, our show would not have taken place without volunteers.   I would like to call out all of our wonderful volunteers that organized, managed and supported our shows.   I hope everyone will take a moment to thank those who make our events possible.  Let them know you appreciate what they do!

A special thanks goes to Kris Kalstrom for organizing, scheduling and managing the shows.  Kris’s work on show day completely dwarfs the work that she put into planning and scheduling the show with effort starting last year and culminating in the show.  This is typically a 2 person job, but Kris did all the organizing and prep work completely on her own.  AWESOME JOB, Kris!!!!  Thank you so much!

Kris is supported by Gregg Owen, general handyman, who provided love, moral support, can do attitude, organizational skills and muscles.  Gregg was also the voice of the show.  (Gregg is also our 2013 Volunteer of the Year.)  We really appreciate all you do, Gregg!

Our chapter President, Vicki Von Arx, volunteered at the show both days, not only working as Ring Steward and presenting the check to Horse’s Honor, but also generously helping with clean up at the end.  Vicki, you are awesome!

Whenever I ask for volunteers, most people who volunteer say they are glad to help with anything except parking.  But the people who are showing rely on parking guides to make sure that there is sufficient space so everyone can fit their trailers in safely.  THANK YOU Thank you to Kristine DiTano, Joanne Milano, Amanda Apesos, and Robin Katherman for doing this most hated/much needed job with a smile.

Scribes commit the full day to work with the judge, writing down what they say.  They often don’t get to actually see the rides, having to focus on writing so that test results are legible for riders.  Many have told me they get hand cramps which they need to overlook in order to keep up with the judge.  Thank you to Justine Wilson, Georgia Langsam, Georganne Benesch,  BK Doyra and learner scribe Lisa O’Hara.  Thank you so much, ladies.  Our show could certainly not have made it without you.

As you know, Scorers are also essential for any show.  Scoring takes focus, speed and accuracy – it isn’t for sissies.  Kudos to Melinda Lunn, Shareen Purcell and Kris Kalstrom who got the scores out quickly and accurately! 3 Cheers for you all!

Ring stewards are also mandatory positions for our show.  No stewards, no show!  Thanks to all our ring stewards:  Mary Grace Davidson, Lisa O’Hara, Liz Lewis, Jan Bauman, Robin Katherman and Vicki Von Arx.  How can we say thank you enough?

And for all the other show issues, thanks to our volunteers who supported the show office helping with running tests, posting scores, managing prizes and filling in where we needed help:   Wendy Morris, Robin Davidson, Eva Larsen, Diana Bicksler, Kate Rafferty-Coronado, Madeleine Coronado and Kristine DiTano, to Tinsley Davis and Robin Katherman for moving the arena before the show, to Gregg Owen and the La Jolla grounds crew for moving it back afterwards, and to Melinda Lunn, Kris Kalstrom, Gregg Owen, Robin Katherman and Vicki Von Arx for set up/clean up.

Finally last but not least, sincere thanks to Connie Dahl and the Pony Club for providing a snack bar with so many tasty choices.

Thank you all for your hours of work supporting our events and our organization!  Woohoo!

– Gwen Lorio
CDS, East Bay Chapter Volunteer Coordinator

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