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Current CDS East Bay Volunteer Jobs

Initially started in2022,CDSEB wanted to become more visible to its members by providing a helping hand to riders before entering the show ring. We are currently seeking a Team Leader to:
-Manage all items needed for the concierge table. CDSEB has a shortage shed on the Yarra Yarra property. It is located outside of the back corner of the indoor ring just across from the employee living trailers. The shed contains three large plastic boxes with the concierge items in them, the plastic table, bucket of bottled waters for riders, as well as the signage for the events.

-Recruit and schedule a small team of volunteers for each of the YY horse shows. Ideally,this would be 2-4 people to host the table in two or three shifts from the show start to finish.

-Signage must be hung prior to the show and taken down at show’s end. This can be done the day before.
*Dover Sign hangs on the fabric wall in the outside eating area
*CDS EB Sponsors poster hangs above the results sheets. Please see Laurie Daniels, show manager, for specifics
*CDSEB Logo sign hangs on the front of the concierge table
All signs need to be rolled up and put in shed after use.

-set up concierge table:
*table is in shed
*set up just off the path going to the back warm-up ring
*take out all items and the baskets from the plastic containers and organize into the baskets and display on top of the table
(Items include: safety pins, black duck tape for taping broken boot zippers, tide stain remover stick, Kleenex, wet wipes, body pins, rubber bands for braids, fly spray, water bottles, free CDSEB pins)
*let riders know you can help them wipe their boots, dust them off give them a water etc, when they’re done warming up and heading to the show ring. Chatting with the riders, trainers and support teams is fun!

CDSEB logo mugs – we have nice insulated travel mugs available for donations of $12 each. You will need to keep track of sales and send cash to Gundi Younger for deposit.

CDSEB would like to host a tack sale and social at one of the bigger, centrally located equestrian centers in the East Bay.
We need:
– Day of Volunteers
– Parking directing Volunteers


All educational clinics and our local horse shows need the help of volunteers. Please consider signing up whenever you can to help out with the chapter’s activities.

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering for one of our CDS East Bay events.

To volunteer at our local horse shows, please use the following contact information.

La Jolla Schooling Shows
Meredith Crawford

Yarra Yarra
Carolyn Adams

Erika Ibsen

San Francisco Peninsula Chapter Show
Gigi Cunliffe