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CDS Adult Amateur Clinic Participation Standing Rules for East Bay Applicant

II. Adult Amateur Clinic Participation

A. Chapter member application for participation in the drawing for the CDS Adult Amateur Clinic requires the following provisions be met:

1. Applicant must apply with a short biography and why she/he wants to participate in the AA Clinic. Application deadline will be approximately 2 months prior to the clinic and drawing shall be held withing 2 weeks after deadline. Chapter will select a winner and two (2) alternates. If winner is not going to the clinic, grant goes to first alternate. If first alternate is not going, grant goes to second alternate. If needed, subsequent drawing selection may be done
2. Applicant must be a CDS and East Bay Chapter member AT THE TIME of the drawing.
3. Applicant agrees to write a recount of their clinic experience for publication on the Chapter’s newsletter, website, and social media accounts.
4. Applicant agrees to write a thank you note to CDS immediately upon completion of the clinic.

B. Rider Eligibility and Selection – Riders must be members in good standing of CDS and be Adult Amateurs 22 years or older. The same rider cannot ride in two consecutive yearly clinics. The riders must be able to walk/trot/canter with proper diagonals and leads (Training Level minimally). The rider, to be eligible, must have a sound, fit, and in good condition, familiar equine partner, presenting as a “horse/rider team”. They must be actively riding demonstrated by current dressage lessons with their horse for the past 6 months. A borrowed or loaned horse just for the occasion is not accepted. An application must be submitted.

Members can directly apply with the clinic host to be placed on a waitlist.

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For more information and further rules on the CDS AA Clinic visit the CDS website here.