Chapter Sponsorships

CDS AA and Jr/YR Clinics

Applications for the JR/YR Clinics and the AA clinics are due approximately 2 months prior to the clinic. Drawing of winner shall be held withing 2 weeks after deadline from applicants.  The chapter will select a winner and two (2) alternates.  If winner is not going to the clinic, grant goes to first alternate. If first alternate is not going, grant goes to second alternate. If needed, subsequent drawing selection may be done.  These are great opportunities to clinic with some of the best trainers around!

For More information on the AA Clinic please check out the standing rules here.

For more information on the Jr/YR Clinic please check out the standing rules here.

Open Rider Incentive (Implemented for 2022)

CDSEB will be offering a $200 grant for the CDS Annual championships for Professional/Open riders.

For more information on the Open Rider Incentive please check out the standing rules here.

Local Show Sponsorships

1) CDS East Bay will Sponsor one class at each horse shows at Yarra Yarra and Greenville in 2022. The sponsored class will be the largest class of the show (that we haven’t previously sponsored that level).  We will aim to have a sponsored class at every level each year.
Feb. 13 – YY
March 13 – YY
April 2- GV
May 1 – YY
July 3 – YY
August 6 – YY
August 13/GV
September 11 – YY
October 29 – GV

2) Prize will be given to the winner of the sponsored class. Prizes will vary but include Saddle pad with the East Bay Chapter logo embroidered on a back corner, Logo Mugs, Dover gift cards, and any other donations that sponsors may wish to donate.

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KC GEC Aug 2019 MOD-0776
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