Junior Representative

Gabby Glumac

Junior Representative Gabby Glumac

Junion Representative Gabby Glumac

Hi, my name is Gabby Glumac, and I am the Junior Representative for the CDS East Bay Chapter.  I joined the CDS six years ago when I started showing my horse at age nine.  As I got older and continued showing, I became more and more interested in being more involved in the horse community and giving back with volunteer work.  I helped at shows, but when I began thinking about what I wanted to truly give back, I realized I wanted to give back a voice.  How could I impact the junior community in the East Bay?  It occurred to me I could run to be the junior representative for our area, so I did.  I recently got elected to be on the board, and my excitement and enthusiasm have increased.  I have been coming up with some ideas so that hopefully more juniors will become involved, and we can become a closer community.  My goal is to raise awareness for what juniors want and believe in, as well as have us all become closer by meeting more juniors we don’t know, and ultimately, becoming more involved.

I am always open for new ideas and opinions! The more I hear from all the juniors in the Easy Bay the better, because I can’t possibly know what everybody wants or believes in without you telling me. Please feel free to contact me at my email: [email protected].  There is room below for you to submit a comment of whatever you would like to say.  Comments are encouraged!  State your opinions, how you think we could improve, and if you have any positive things you like, we always love to hear those too!  I would love to meet the juniors I don’t yet have the privilege to know, and for the ones I do know, get to know you better.  I am very excited to represent us all, and please remember to always feel free to contact me.

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