Liz Lewis Century Ride

Congratulations to Liz Lewis for completing her Century Ride with Donner yesterday at Yarra Yarra Ranch!!

I grew up in Wethersfield Connecticut — without horses, sadly since I was dreadfully allergic to them. Finally, after lots of allergy shots, I started riding at 35 near Seattle doing eventing. I liked the stadium jumping and the dressage, but wasn’t really brave enough for the cross country. I found that I loved the precision of dressage and soon tried to turn my event horse into a dressage horse, which she really did NOT enjoy. My first “real” dressage horse was a 3-year old unbroke Thoroughbred bred for sport rather than for the track. I started him myself and eventually got him to third level with lots of help. Other horses followed to the point that my husband and I owned four horses, and boarded them all.We found the property that became Wyvern farm in late 1998 when we weren’t seriously looking, but the price was right, so we bought it and started the never ending process of making it what it is today. That was 23 years ago and we’re still at it.

When we first started thinking about the Century Ride, I was pretty skeptical – not sure I could do it, afraid of making a fool of myself, etc etc. I’d had a serious riding accident two years ago and haven’t ridden much since. My wonderful friends, Katy Barglow, Stephanie Rush and Madison Rezaei wouldn’t let me quit. The result… I had a blast. Donner trucked me around like a champ and I think he enjoyed himself as well.

Donner (Donnerhill P) is a 25 year old Holsteiner gelding son of Donnerhall that has been a great partner to me as well as several other riders who have earned their bronze and silver medals on him. I’ve owned him since he was 14. He’s still full of himself, will put in a buck or a bolt occasionally, and is an all around delight. Finally, a big thank you to my husband, Chuck, without whom none of this would have been possible.

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