Thank You from Horses’ Honor Rescue for CDS East Bay Donation

What can we say? In our wildest dreams, we never thought we would get a donation of this size. California Dressage Society East Bay Chapter honored us this year at their annual awards banquet with their theme Diamonds in the Rough and donated 50% of their proceeds from that night to Horses’ Honor Rescue. ( Please visit our website at for a link to our video Diamonds in the Rough.)


L-R are: Gwen Lorio, Kris Kalstrom, Connie Dahl, Victoria Von Arx, Sidney Simpson – HH, Judy Gillivan – HH, Judy Byrne, Emily McDonald


On Saturday, April 13, CDS East Bay Chapter presented us with a check for (hold on to your hat) $4, 385. Yes! You read that right!

Shocked–overwhelmed–thrilled–speechless, we were overcome and blown out of the water.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to CDS East Bay Chapter,to the committee that put together the banquet and auction, to Gundi Younger for connecting us to CDS East Bay Chapter, to all of the generous people who donated items to the auction–to all of you who over and over step up to the plate to help.

From the bottom of our hearts, on behalf of the sweet rescue horses, we thank you all. It takes a village–and you are a part of that village.

Sidney–for Horses’ Honor Rescue



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