CDS Chapter Show - April 15th &16th

Find out what Tri-Valley Challenge is all about!! More »

Thank You, LaJolla Equestrian Center!

CDS East Bay would like to thank LaJolla Equestrian Center for donating the facility for our April 2015 Show. More »

Yoga and the practice of riding the sitting trot

The word Yoga comes from Sanskrit, the scriptural language of ancient India. Its root is the verb yuj, meaning to yoke or unite. The practice of Yoga can unite us with ourselves and our environment. And the practice of YOGA as a horseperson unites us to ourselves in relationship to our horses. More »

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  1. Laurie D Smith says:

    Great Show! Good job Kris Kalstrom and Mindy Lunn and the volunteers. Competitors all seemed to have a great time. Everything was smooth and well run.
    The East Bay Chapter show is always a hit.

  2. Cora Flaharty says:

    Great way to spotlight the generous sponsors!


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